The Compadre

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Ever feel like the news is yelling at you? Well, we did. Unlike the peaceful feelings of our majestic background pictures, the news makes us feel tired. Angles, opinions, and commentary (oh my!)… but we don’t feel more informed. Maybe just a little burned out. And in the end, so many questions remain.

Enter: The Compadre. Each Tuesday and Thursday we send out an easily digestible email breaking down one topic in the news. What’s qualified us to determine which topic to help explain? Nothing, except maybe arrogance and some time on our hands. Anywhoo, just read and enjoy. When all the questions you have while reading the news start to go away (because we are answering them) you can send us a sappy “you’ve-changed-my-life, thank-you-thank-you-thank-you” email and we’ll celebrate good times, c’mon.